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Interdisciplinary Centre for Marine and Environmental Research (Porto) (CIIMAR)

Portuguese name: Centro Interdisciplinar de Investigação Marinha e Ambiental (Porto)
Parent institute: University of Porto

Thesaurus terms (7) : Aquaculture; Biodiversity; Coastal dynamics; Ecology; Environmental toxicology; Marine biotechnology; Ocean dynamics
Rua do Bragas, 298
4050-123 Porto

Tel.: +351-(0)22-340 18 35
Fax: +351-(0)22-339 06 08
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Type: Scientific

Persons (29)  Top | Institute | Projects | Events | Datasets 
  • Almeida, Cristina Marisa Ribeiro
  • Araújo, Rita Micaela
  • Arenas Parra, Francisco
  • Bertocci, Iacopo
  • Castro, Luís Filipe C
  • Correia, Ana Mafalda
  • Cunha, António Marco Oliveira
  • de Campos Mucha, Ana Paula
  • Domingues, Carla
  • Gandra, Miguel
  • Gil, Ãgaha
  • Guerrero Meseguer, Laura
  • Machado, André
  • Nazaré Couto, Maria
  • Oliveira-Rodrigues, Cláudia
  • Pinto Mora Pinto de Magalhães, Catarina Maria
  • Ramalho Monteiro Pires Basto, Maria Clara
  • Reis, Izabela
  • Rosso, Massimiliano
  • Rubal Garcia, Marcos
  • Sá Dias de Vasconcelos, Maria Teresa
  • Santos, Paulo
  • Silva Ribeiro, Hugo Manuel
  • Sousa Pinto, Isabel
  • Valente, Raul
  • Vasconcelos, Vitor
  • Veiga, Puri
  • Vieira, Raquel
  • Xavier, Joana

Associated to an institute part
  • Antunes, José Carlos

Persons formerly associated with this organization (3)
  • Freire Custodio, Marco
  • Gaspar, Helena
  • Pereira, Rui

Child institute  Top | Persons | Projects | Events | Datasets 
  • Centre of Marine and Environmental Research; Interdisciplinary Centre for Marine and Environmental Research (Porto); Aquamuseu Do Rio Minho (CIIMAR-AQUAMUSEU)

Projects (19)  Top | Persons | Institute | Events | Datasets 
  • ASSEMBLE+: Association of European Marine Biological Laboratories Expanded
  • ATLANTOX: Advanced test about new toxins appeared in the Atlantic area
  • BIOFUSE: Effects of biodiversity on the functioning and stability of marine ecosystems: European scale comparisons
  • DTO - BioFlow: Integration of biodiversity monitoring data into the Digital Twin Ocean
  • EMBOS: European Marine Biodiversity Observatory System
  • Genomic Observatories under European Projects EMO BON and ARMS-MBON
  • INSPIRE: Innovative Solutions for Plastic Free European Rivers
  • KNEU: Developing a Knowledge Network for European Expertise on biodiversity and ecosystem services to inform policy making and economic sectors
  • MARBENA: Creating a long term infrastructure for marine biodiversity research in the European Economic Area and the Newly Associated States
  • Marco-Bolo: MARine COastal BiOdiversity Long-term Observations
  • MARCYANO: Secondary metabolites and nitrogen fixation of benthic marine Cyanobacteria: how different from freshwater relatives?
  • MarPace: Marine Propagation Along the Coasts of Europe
  • MARSPONGES: Phylogeny and chemodiversity of marine sponge symbiotic Cyanobacteria
  • NITROTOX: Interference of Metals and PAHs in Nitrate Removal Biological Processes: Denitrification vs Anammox
  • OILDEBEACH: Buried oil in the intertidal beach zone: coupling between beach morphodynamic, natural degradation, forcing mechanisms and biological activity
  • PHARMATLANTIC: Knowledge Transfer Network for Prevention of Mental Diseases and Cancer in the Atlantic Area
  • PHYTOBIO: Phytoremediation and bioremediation of contaminants in salt marshes: plant – microorganisms interactions
  • Pilot MarBEF Coast Watch network of students and amateurs in Europe
  • PROPE-taxon: Web Accessible Taxonomic Expertise in MarBEF: PROviding an e-Platform for the European Taxonomists

Events (2)  Top | Persons | Institute | Projects | Datasets 
  • International Marine Science Communication Conference
  • Kick-off INSPIRE Europe (Innovative Solutions for Plastic Free European Rivers)

Datasets (7)  Top | Persons | Institute | Projects | Events 
  • Arenas Parra, F.; Sousa Pinto, I.; Interdisciplinary Centre for Marine and Environmental Research (Porto) (CIIMAR) - University of Porto, Portugal; (2012). Monitoring Porto 2006-2008., more
  • Aráujo R., Bárbara I, Tibaldo M., Berecibar E., Díaz Tapia P., Pereira R., Santos R. & Sousa-Pinto I. Checklist of benthic marine algae and cyanobacteria of northern Portugal. Centre of Marine and Environmental Research; Interdisciplinary Centre for Marine and Environmental Research (Porto) (Ciimar)., more
  • Correia, A.M., Oliveira-Rodrigues, C., Gandra, M., Liberal, M., Valente, R., Gil, A., Rosso, M., Pierce, G.J. & Sousa-Pinto, I., CIIMAR - UP. (2022). CETUS: Cetacean monitoring surveys in the Eastern North Atlantic. Marine Data Archive., more
  • NolteiMira2020: Guerrero-Meseguer L, Rubal M (2021)Biometric measur ements of the seagrass Zostera noltii in the Mira channel of the Ria de Aveiro throughout the year 2020, more
  • Guerrero-Meseguer L.; Rubal M. Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research (CIIMAR). Portugal; (2021): Biometric measurements of the seagrass Zostera marina in the Mira channel of the Ria de Aveiro from December 2019 to August 2020., more
  • Guerrero-Meseguer L.; Veiga P. and Rubal M. CIIMAR - Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research: Portugal; (2022): Annual wrack biomass of the northern Portugal sandy beaches., more
  • MoBiDiC: Sousa Pinto, I.; Viera, R.; 2012. Monitoring of the intertidal biodiversity of rocky beaches with schools in Portugal 2005-2010. CIIMAR - Interdisciplinary Centre for Marine and Environmental Research, Porto., more

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