European Ocean Biodiversity Information System

How can you contribute data to EurOBIS?

Everyone collecting data and information on the occurrence of marine and brackish water species in Europe can make a valuable contribution to EurOBIS.

EurOBIS welcomes data and information collected for various purposes:

The detail of the contributing data can differ, depending on what was collected or can be published online.

EurOBIS welcomes the following data:

If you would be interested in contributing in any way to EurOBIS, you can contact us at

In your email, please specify what exactly you would like to share with us and in what format the data are available (e.g. Excel, Access, GIS application…). If it concerns a large dataset or a dataset that is regularly updated, please inform us on how you think this could easily be shared (e.g. through IPT or sending extracts). With this basic information, we can suggest possible ways forward to publish the data through the EurOBIS database.

If your data are ready for submission, you can also submit them using our online dataset submission form. If you would like more information or want to provide additional explanation, you can contact us directly at Also check out our FAQ by providers section for more information.

After submission, the following steps will be undertaken by the data management team:

  1. Make the metadata publicly available
  2. Process the data
  3. Run quality control (QC) procedures on the data and provide feedback to the provider
  4. Publish the data online
  5. Inform the data provider on the QC results and data publication