European Ocean Biodiversity Information System


When consulting and using information and data from EurOBIS, the general citation for EurOBIS is as follows:

EurOBIS data. European node of the Ocean Biodiversity Information System (EurOBIS).
Available online at Consulted on 2024-05-27.

When using data from EurOBIS in reports, poster, publications ..., please cite the relevant data sources.
A suggested citation for each dataset is included in the metadata.

Terms of use

By consulting and/or downloading data from EurOBIS, the user agrees to the following:


The Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) manages EurOBIS, but cannot be made responsible for any errors or misuse of the data contained in EurOBIS.

Although each dataset undergoes a series of quality control procedures to assure its quality and indicate the fitness for use of the data, the EurOBIS data management team at VLIZ cannot promise that the data are without errors.

Comments from our users are very much welcomed: if you come across a possible error or incomplete information or you want to contribute to this initiative, please contact us at Feedback will be given to any communication concerning the EurOBIS data system and its content.

The data available within EurOBIS are free to be used for educational, scientific or research purposes under the condition they are properly cited. The data should not be used for legal, commercial or economical purposes. The term 'commercial' refers to products that will be sold, with the exception of scientific publications. The above statement also applies to the results of analyses based on the available EurOBIS data or any derived products.

Anyone can download the data, but the downloaded data should be for the sole use of the organization or the individual downloading the data. The data within EurOBIS may not be redistributed without the permission of the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ).  Upon every use, the EurOBIS database and the component datasets from which data were extracted should be cited.

Regarding the citation of the individual datasets, the following guidelines should be taken into account: