European Ocean Biodiversity Information System

Global Biodiversity Information Facility

GBIF in a nutshell

GBIF is working to make the world's biodiversity data accessible everywhere in the world and makes available data from the terrestrial and aquatic environment. GBIF and its many partners work to mobilize the data, and to improve search mechanisms, data and metadata standards, web services, and the other components of an Internet-based information infrastructure for biodiversity. GBIF makes available data that are shared by hundreds of data publishers from around the world, including all the data from EurOBIS.

Link between EurOBIS & GBIF

Data that are published through EurOBIS are also made available in GBIF, through the established international data flow.

As GBIF is also collecting biodiversity data, it is possible that marine data are directly sent to GBIF by their providers. To also capture these data in EurOBIS, EurOBIS and GBIF have started a close collaboration: GBIF regularly provides a list of marine datasets they did not retrieve through OBIS. EurOBIS then goes through this list and makes sure that all the European datasets are made available through EurOBIS and the non-European datasets are passed on to the relevant OBIS nodes.

EurOBIS data in GBIF

All EurOBIS data available in GBIF can be consulted through the OBIS provider page of GBIF.