European Ocean Biogeographic Information System

EurOBIS point locations EurOBIS - the European Node
of the international Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS) - publishes distribution data on marine species, collected within European marine waters or collected by European researchers
outside European marine waters.
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EurOBIS currently holds:
899 datasets
of which 319 datasets published with DOI
24,823,541 occurrence records
21,530,564 quality controlled records (87% QC'd)
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Latest additions & updates

[2019-04-01] Phyto- and microzooplankton in mussel farms - North Adriatic Sea... (1,768 records) [update] [metadata]
[2019-04-01] Subtidal epibenthos and demersal fish monitoring in function of a... (1,396 records) [update] [metadata]
[2019-04-01] Subtidal hyperbenthos monitoring in function of a foreshore suppletion... (2,257 records) [update] [metadata]
[2019-04-01] Phytoplankton composition, biomass and abundance in Estonian... (122,564 records) [new] [metadata]
[2019-04-01] Zooplankton biomass and abundance in Estonian territorial waters... (17,065 records) [new] [metadata]
[2019-04-01] Zooplankton in the coastal waters of Zmiinyi island in the Black Sea... (2,404 records) [new] [metadata]
[2019-04-01] Phytoplankton in the Coastal Waters of Zmiinyi Island in the Black Sea... (25,262 records) [new] [metadata]
[2019-04-01] MEDITS-Spain: Demersal and mega-benthic species from the MEDITS... (79,764 records) [new] [metadata]
[2019-04-01] Dutch long term monitoring of phytoplankton in the Dutch Continental... (427,077 records) [new] [metadata]
[2019-04-01] A*MIDEX CHROME: Western Mediterranean automated flow cytometry surface... (299 records) [new] [metadata]

Species documented for the first time in EurOBIS

[2019-04-01]Embletonia pallida Alder & Hancock, 1854 accepted as Tenellia adspersa (Nordmann, 1845)[map][WoRMS]
[2019-04-01]Pseudo-nitzschia heimii Manguin, 1957[map][WoRMS]
[2019-04-01]Nitzschia seriata f. obtusa Hasle, 1965[map][WoRMS]
[2019-04-01]Tryblionella coarctata (Grunow) D.G.Mann, 1990 represented as Nitzschia coarctata var. coarctata Grunow in Cleve & Möller, 1878[map][WoRMS]
[2019-04-01]Actinocyclus cholnokyi VanLandingham, 1967[map][WoRMS]
[2019-04-01]Amphora laevis var. perminuta (Grunow in Van Heurck) Cleve, 1895 represented as Amphora laevissima var. perminuta Grunow in Van Heurck[map][WoRMS]
[2019-04-01]Protoperidinium subcurvipes (Lebour, 1923) Balech, 1974[map][WoRMS]
[2019-04-01]Thalassiosira nodulolineata (Hendey) Hasle & Fryxell, 1977 represented as Coscinodiscus nodulolineatus Hendey, 1958[map][WoRMS]
[2019-04-01]Coscinodiscus nodulolineatus Hendey, 1958[map][WoRMS]
[2019-04-01]Ceratoneis gracilis Brébisson ex Kützing, 1849[map][WoRMS]