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Stable isotope ratios of C and N in benthic macrofauna from Mediterranean seagrass litter accumulations from Calvi Bay in 2011-2012
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Michel, L.; Remy, F.; Mascart, T.; De Troch, M.; Lepoint, G.; (2021): Stable isotope ratios of C and N in benthic macrofauna from Mediterranean seagrass litter accumulations from Calvi Bay in 2011-2012. Marine Data Archive.
Contact: Michel, Loïc ; Lepoint, Gilles

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Availability: Creative Commons License This dataset is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Measurements of trophic markers performed in benthic macrofauna sampled in seagrass litter accumulations from Calvi Bay (Corsica, France) in 2011-2012. more

This dataset contains measurements of stable isotope ratios of carbon and nitrogen made in 568 individual specimens of 19 different taxa of benthic macrofauna (Nemertea, Mollusca, Polychaeta, Crustacea, Actinopterygii). Samples were taken in submerged seagrass litter accumulations, seasonally in 2011-2012, and at two sites of Calvi Bay (Corsica, France). Analytical measurements were performed at University of Liège (Belgium)’s stable isotope facility (Laboratory of Oceanology, Stable Isotope in Environmental Sciences and Trophic Ecology workgroup, More info about the studies and sample preparation can be found in the publications referenced below. The dataset consists of two files: one containing the data itself, and one describing all used terms (measurements or metadata, derived from Darwin Core standards,

Biology > Benthos > Macrobenthos
Marine/Coastal, Food webs, Mediterranean, Phytodetritus, Seagrass, Stable isotopes, Trophic markers, EurOBIS calculated BBOX, MED, Corso-Ligurian Basin, MED, France, Corsica, Calvi Bay, Actinopterygii, Apanthura corsica Amar, 1953, Athanas nitescens (Leach, 1814), Bittium reticulatum (da Costa, 1778), Crustacea, Gammarella fucicola (Leach, 1814), Gammarus aequicauda (Martynov, 1931), Gammarus insensibilis Stock, 1966, Gobiidae Cuvier, 1816, Hippolyte leptocerus (Heller, 1863), Idotea balthica (Pallas, 1772), Liocarcinus holsatus (Fabricius, 1798), Liocarcinus navigator (Herbst, 1794), Macropodia Leach, 1814, Melita hergensis Reid, 1939, Mollusca, Nebalia strausi Risso, 1827, Nemertea, Nototropis guttatus (A. Costa in Hope, 1851), Palaemon xiphias Risso, 1816, Polychaeta, Posidonia oceanica (Linnaeus) Delile, 1813, Processa edulis (Risso, 1816), Stenosoma appendiculatum (Risso, 1826)

Geographical coverage
EurOBIS calculated BBOX Stations
Bounding Box
Coordinates: MinLong: 8,7244; MinLat: 42,5739 - MaxLong: 8,7261; MaxLat: 42,5797 [WGS84]
MED, Corso-Ligurian Basin [Marine Regions]
MED, France, Corsica, Calvi Bay [Marine Regions]

Temporal coverage
19 August 2011 - 25 May 2012

Taxonomic coverage
Actinopterygii [WoRMS]
Apanthura corsica Amar, 1953 [WoRMS]
Athanas nitescens (Leach, 1814) [WoRMS]
Bittium reticulatum (da Costa, 1778) [WoRMS]
Crustacea [WoRMS]
Gammarella fucicola (Leach, 1814) [WoRMS]
Gammarus aequicauda (Martynov, 1931) [WoRMS]
Gammarus insensibilis Stock, 1966 [WoRMS]
Gobiidae Cuvier, 1816 [WoRMS]
Hippolyte leptocerus (Heller, 1863) [WoRMS]
Idotea balthica (Pallas, 1772) [WoRMS]
Liocarcinus holsatus (Fabricius, 1798) [WoRMS]
Liocarcinus navigator (Herbst, 1794) [WoRMS]
Macropodia Leach, 1814 [WoRMS]
Melita hergensis Reid, 1939 [WoRMS]
Mollusca [WoRMS]
Nebalia strausi Risso, 1827 [WoRMS]
Nemertea [WoRMS]
Nototropis guttatus (A. Costa in Hope, 1851) [WoRMS]
Palaemon xiphias Risso, 1816 [WoRMS]
Polychaeta [WoRMS]
Posidonia oceanica (Linnaeus) Delile, 1813 [WoRMS]
Processa edulis (Risso, 1816) [WoRMS]
Stenosoma appendiculatum (Risso, 1826) [WoRMS]

Stable isotope ratios of carbon Methodology , Stable isotope ratios of nitrogen Methodology
Stable isotope ratios of carbon: Continuous flow elemental analysis isotope ratio mass spectrometry (CF-EA-IRMS)
Stable isotope ratios of nitrogen: Continuous flow elemental analysis isotope ratio mass spectrometry (CF-EA-IRMS)

Université de Liège; Faculté des Sciences; Département de Biologie, Ecologie et Evolution; Laboratoire d'Océanologiedata creatordata creator
Michel, Loïc
Remy, François
Mascart, Thibaud
Lepoint, Gilles
Institut Français de Recherche pour l'Exploitation de la Mer; Laboratoire Environnement Profond (LEP)data creator
Michel, Loïc
Universiteit Gent; Faculteit Wetenschappen; Vakgroep Biologie; Onderzoeksgroep Mariene Biologie (MARBIOL), moredata creator
Mascart, Thibaud
De Troch, Marleen

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Based on this dataset
Remy, F. et al. (2021). Trophic ecology of macrofauna inhabiting seagrass litter accumulations is related to the pulses of dead leaves. Est., Coast. and Shelf Sci. 252: 107300.
Remy, F. et al. (2018). Seagrass organic matter transfer in Posidonia oceanica macrophytodetritus accumulations. Est., Coast. and Shelf Sci. 212: 73-79.
Remy, F. (2016). Characterization, dynamics and trophic ecology of macrofauna associated to seagrass macrophytodetritus accumulations (Calvi Bay, Mediterranean Sea). PhD Thesis. University of Liège: Liège. xi, 285 pp.

Dataset status: Completed
Data type: Data
Data origin: Research: field survey
Metadatarecord created: 2021-02-22
Information last updated: 2021-03-01
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