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Marine Intertidal Phase 1 species dataset from the Countryside Council for Wales 1996-2005
UK National Biodiversity Network, Countryside Council for Wales - Marine Intertidal Phase 1 species dataset from the Countryside Council for Wales 1996-2005.
Contact: Natural Resources Wales (NRW), more

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Availability: Creative Commons License This dataset is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Notes: You cannot view sensitive records. Sensitive data may be made available under licence to approved individuals and organisations on request. Please apply for sensitive access via the NBN Gateway.

This datasets contains species recorded as part of CCW's Phase 1 Intertidal habitat mapping survey. The Intertidal mapping took place between 1996 and 2005. All work was carried out by an in-house survey team. more

Purpose of data capture: Surveys were undertaken to provide an assessment of sites as possible SSSI's and as a basis for developing sensitivity mapping. There are also used in the production and evaluation of EIA's and as an integrated information resource for local authorities' structure and development plans in the coast and or the consideration of planning applications. Methods of data capture: Species were recorded in one of three ways:- in target notes, in species lists for certain (mainly specialised and nationally important) biotopes found on a site, or in species lists for the whole site and therefore precision is variable.

Biology > Ecology - biodiversity, Biology > Fish, Biology > Invertebrates, Biology > Macroalgae, Biology > Plants
Marine/Coastal, ANE, British Isles, Wales, EurOBIS calculated BBOX, Actinopterygii, , Annelida, Bryozoa, Chromista, Cnidaria, Crustacea, Ctenophora, Echinodermata, Mollusca, Nematoda, Nemertina, Phoronida, Plantae, Porifera, Pycnogonida, Sipuncula, Tunicata

Geographical coverage
ANE, British Isles, Wales [Marine Regions]
EurOBIS calculated BBOX Stations
Bounding Box
Coordinates: MinLong: -5,6896; MinLat: 51,3738 - MaxLong: -2,6492; MaxLat: 53,4287 [WGS84]

Temporal coverage
1996 - 2005

Taxonomic coverage
Actinopterygii [WoRMS]
Annelida [WoRMS]
Bryozoa [WoRMS]
Chromista [WoRMS]
Cnidaria [WoRMS]
Crustacea [WoRMS]
Ctenophora [WoRMS]
Echinodermata [WoRMS]
Mollusca [WoRMS]
Nematoda [WoRMS]
Nemertina [WoRMS]
Phoronida [WoRMS]
Plantae [WoRMS]
Porifera [WoRMS]
Pycnogonida [WoRMS]
Sipuncula [WoRMS]
Tunicata [WoRMS]

Natural Resources Wales (NRW), moredata creator
National Biodiversity Network Trust (NBN), moredata provider
Marine Biological Association of the UK (MBA), moredata provider

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EurOBIS: European Ocean Biodiversity Information System, more

Dataset status: Completed
Data type: Data
Data origin: Research: field survey
Metadatarecord created: 2012-03-29
Information last updated: 2014-04-14
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